Culver Community School Board Meets

Culver Community School Board
Culver Community School Board Members (from left, clockwise): Jack Jones, Ryan Seiber, Marilyn Swanson, Brad Schuldt, Eugene Baker, Jim Wentzel, Ed Behnke, Ken VanDePutte

At this week’s Culver Community School Board meeting, Culver Elementary School Principal Charles Kitchell informed the board that one of their teachers, Kim Morrison, has applied for and received a $1500 grant from the Marshall County Community Foundation. She has received half of the grant up-front, and Kitchell says that Morrison plans to use the money to purchase a Mimio smartboard, digital audio/video recorder, and a Bose sound dock for her iPod.

Kitchell says that most of Morrison’s music that she uses for her class is on her iPod, and the dock would be helpful in allowing her to easily play that music in the classroom. Her request was approved.

In addition, High School Principal Albert Hanselman told the board that the school’s safety plan has been finished and will be submitted to the state. Hanselman says that the plan is imperative to the school’s safety, because it contains basic information that is imperative in the event of an emergency situation at the school, including important contact information.

Hanselman says that a safety committee is in place, consisting of not only school administrators, but also the Education Director, counselors, a social worker, the local fire chief, as well as police and EMS staff. The document is not published because of safety concerns, but it is available for the staff to review online.