Knox City Police Department Makes Arrests

Angela Staten

Angela Staten of Knox was arrested by Knox City Police on Thursday, November 17th, after she was found looking through the crash cart in the IU Health Starke Hospital’s Emergency Room. Staten had opened the drawer that was full of medication and she was reportedly seen with a box out looking at it. She told police and the ER staff that she opened the drawer because she was bored. She told police that she didn’t take anything. She was arrested and has preliminary charges of Attempted Theft and Criminal Mischief.

Michael Byer

Michael H. Byer, of Grovertown, was arrested on Sunday, November 20th after he refused to stop for police on his moped.

A Knox City Police Department officer was traveling on U.S. 35 in Knox, north of 200 South when he saw Byer on the moped riding down the yellow center line. The driver was weaving in and out of the northbound land of traffic. At one point, a vehicle had to go onto the shoulder of the road to avoid hitting Byer.

The officer attempted a traffic stop, but Byer refused to stop. He turned onto Mae De Lano Dr. and he reached the end of the roadway, stopped and fell off the moped. The officer detained Byer and noticed that he was unsteady on his feet and he allegedly had three cans of beer in his coat pocket. Byer reportedly told police that he had been drinking. A portable breathalizer test showed that he was intoxicated and over the legal limit to operate a motorized vehicle.

Byer was arrested and has preliminary charges of Resisting Law Enforcement and Operating a Vehicle Dangerously While Intoxicated.