North Judson Town Board Discusses Safety Issues

North Judson Town Board

Walter Block presented the North Judson Town Board with information from a contractor’s union representative regarding procedures, violations and training for confined spaces.

Garland Rose had provided him with this information in regards to the recent incident in which a utility employee hung by his feet off a backhoe to remove a root ball that clogged a sewer line at American Oak. The employee of the department volunteered to be strapped to a strap by his feet suspended by a backhoe and he was lowered approximately 16 inches into a four-and-a-half foot manhole to retrieve the root ball. The employee successfully retrieved the obstruction within a matter of seconds and no injuries were reported.

Walter Block told the Board that the recent work practice was being used all over the area as an example of what not to do, but hoped no one was fired because of the incident. Board President, Dan Anderson, told him that it had already happened.

Block also gave the Board various OSHA and IOSHA information which he felt could be beneficial to the town.