Pulaski County Maintenance Director Ready to Go For Winter

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

Pulaski County Maintenance Director Morry Demarco told the commissioners this week that he is ready for winter. All the winter equipment is ready to fire up, the salt is in place, and the equipment has been served. He also mentioned that the 28 heating units in the county buildings are up and ready to run, and each of them have been test-fired.

Demarco also told the commissioners that he performed some sidewalk repair on the west entrance of the courthouse and also took some before and after pictures. He said that the job was a simple patch job, but the weather was interfering with his ability to get it done.

And, like many others in Pulaski County affected by the hiring freeze imposed by the county council, Demarco requested that the commissioners allow him to hire a new part-time employee. Currently, Demarco says he has a part-time person that is the best helper he’s ever had, but his other job is taking up a lot of his time and Demarco says he is lucky to have him even two days per week.

The commissioners said they would have to look into the hiring freeze situation and how it affects Demarco, and check with other departments’ needs as well. No decision was made at the time, but the request for additional labor is expected to rise again at a future meeting.