SCILL Center Students Collect over 400 Coats during Coat Drive

SCILL Center

The SCILL Center students have collected quite a number of coats during their coat collection drive.

“At this point in time, we collected over 400 coats! It’s unbelievable! We put together a little contest for our kids and it looks like our winner is a young man from LaVille High School, Tyler Wickizer, and he went door-to-door in his neighborhood in Lakeland and collected 147 coats by himself,” said Director, Jerry Gurrado.

Gurrado has been going to the pick-up points to collect the donations.

“I’ve got coats sticking out of my trunk and the back seat is completely stuffed. I can’t see out the back window and the passenger seat is full. If I ever get stopped, I’m just absolutely nailed because it would take me two days to get to my registration!”

The first distribution was held Saturday at the Free United Baptist Church in North Judson. The next distribution will be at the Christian Church in Knox on December 10th.

If you need a coat before that, call Jerry Gurrado at the SCILL Center at (574) 772-8001.