Hobart Woman Arrested for False Informing, Reckless Driving

Stephanie Berg

A Hobart woman was arrested Friday after she reportedly told police her name and it wasn’t her correct identification.

Police saw a vehicle traveling around Henry Street and saw that the driver disregarded stop signs. The officer engaged his emergency lights and the driver didn’t stop. He continued to follow her at a slow pace. He eventually pulled over the car at the intersection of Bower Street and Culver Road. Police asked the driver for her name and she said her name was “Tracey Rowe”. Police ran her information and found that “Tracey Rowe” was not on file. Police took her to jail on preliminary charges of Resisting Law Enforcement and Reckless Driving.

A friend of “Rowe’s” came to bail her out but told police she was having second thoughts. She told police that “Rowe’s” name was really Stephanie Berg. When police looked up Berg’s criminal history, the mugshot matched that of Stephanie Berg, of Hobart. Berg, 37, had an active arrest warrant through Starke Circuit Court and police filed additional preliminary charges of Driving While Suspended-Prior and False Informing.