Retirement Party Held for Winamac Clerk-Treasurer

Jennifer Zimmer, Judy Heater and Deanna Pletka

Winamac Clerk-Treasurer Judy Heater will be retiring at the end of the year and she was honored Friday afternoon at the Winamac Fire Department.

Ted Hayes asked Judy what she will be doing in her retirement.

“I going to spend time with my husband, Vic, and my daughters and grandchildren,” she laughs. “I’ve been the Clerk-Treasurer for the past 16 years and there were so many good times and so many wonderful people it would be hard to pick out just one highlight. I’m not giving up the people, just the Clerk-Treasurer’s position. I’d have to say that winning the Halleck Award the same time you were named the Henry F. Schricker Award winner was a wonderful highlight.”

Judy was asked what she said when the late Republican Chairman, Bob Goble, asked her to run.

Ted Hayes and Judy Heater

“I kept saying no because I didn’t know anything about being Clerk-Treasurer. Then finally they talked me into it and I did it and I’ve been so happy ever since. I couldn’t have done it without Barb Reeves, the girls in the office, the Town Manager and everybody helping.”

Judy said that Winamac has changed in the time she was Clerk-Treasurer.

“It has progressed a long way. I love to go out and see the things that have happened over the last 16 years. Of course, some of the people have gotten a little older and there are some new ones and some good old standbys.”

Melanie Parish-Berger will be taking over from Judy on January 1st and we look forward to working with her as we report the news from Winamac.