Winamac Town Board Discusses Paving after Completion of Sewer Separation Project

Winamac Town Hall

The Winamac Town Board discussed the recent paving work done as part of the completion of the sewer separation project in the downtown area.

Wastewater Superintendent Brad Zellers told the Board that there are some spots where the paving was done too quickly and it didn’t settle right. There are several areas that will need to be redone in the spring. The Board can’t close out the project until all of the work is done to the Board’s approval.

Zellers also told the Board that several pipes are being rehabilitated with an inside liner instead of being completely replaced. That process has saved the town thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. The liner substance is put into the sewer pipes, it settles and then holes are drilled through the substance to allow for regular sewer flow.