Church Group Looking to Protest Military Funerals

While our citizens here mourn the deaths of the four National Guardsmen who were killed in Afghanistan January 5th, there is a church group headquartered in Topeka, Kansas that uses military funerals as a way to espouse its hatred of homosexuals, and by extension, our fallen heroes. The congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church has included on its web site the names of Spc. Robert Tauteris Jr., and Spc Brian Leonhardt. They have urged their followers to demonstrate at the funerals of both men.

As despicable as this call out is, we would urge our citizens to ignore their protest, and concentrate on what is most important the day of the services for theses men. The membership is only looking for publicity.

North Judson Town Marshal Doug Vessely told us today that if the protesters do arrive that they will not be allowed to demonstrate closer than 500 feet of the Braman and Bailey Funeral Home in North Judson.