Dorene Matzat Honored at Henry F. Schricker Dinner

Deb Mix, Dorene Matzat and Dorothy Osinski

Dorene Matzat was honored last night as this year’s Henry F. Schricker Award winner at the annual Starke County Chamber of Commerce dinner at the Bass Lake Property Owners Association building.

After hearing accolades given by several friends and her daughter before the award ceremony itself, those assembled heard the story of a woman who always put “service before self.” Whether it was taking an ill and lonely veteran to the VA for treatment, making a delicious meal for community events, singing in the Community Choir, or making a scared little girl feel comfortable on the first day of classes at the Lutheran School, Dorene was always there.

Dorene has driven thousands of miles to help our nation’s veterans get the medical help they need.

“When the veterans wanted to get to the hospital and nobody else could drive, I took them,” she said. “Dad drove the van for a while and when he couldn’t do it, I drove. That’s how it stuck.”

Dorene Matzat knew Henry F. Schricker when she was a little girl.

“When we were kids, my Grandma rented the house from him and we would go over and get lunch from school and we didn’t have to go home. Schricker’s house was where Brown’s TV is. He was just a lovable man. He always had a big heart.”