Jackie Walorski Looking Forward to 2012 Election

Jackie Walorski

Jackie Walorski recently announced that she is again running in the Second District Republican Primary for the right to be the U.S. Congressional candidate in the fall election. Walorski is pretty much assured of the nomination, as she ran a close race in 2010.

She said this is a “new race in a new district.”

“The district has changed and in the redistricting we picked up a totally different dynamic in Miami County and Wabash County and Kosciusko County,” voiced Walorski. “We spent all summer going through those areas, listening to folks, finding out what’s on their minds, and doing a significant amount of fundraising through the whole district so that we’re adequate and well-put with resources to come into 2012.”

We asked Walorski if she has been monitoring the Republican Presidential primaries. Not naming a favorite Presidential candidate, she did say she fears the harsh rhetoric used by the candidates may not be helpful for the fall campaign.

“It’s been very fractured in the way that the conservatives are kind of looking at the national field. What my hope is is that people come together once a front runner emerges and can stand behind whoever that frontrunner is with one goal which is defeating Barack Obama.”

Walorski said she wishes Indiana had more say in who the Presidential candidate would be by having an earlier primary because she feels the candidate will already be selected before May.

“I wish Indiana had an earlier primary, but as it is now, I think the way the field is going now I don’t think we’re going to have much of a say in May as much as we’d like to because I think the field will be set.”

Whatever happens, Walorski will not be running against the same candidate in the fall as in 2010. Joe Donnelly, the current U.S. Representative from the district is running for the U.S. Senate in 2012. The Democrat candidate is expected to be South Bend resident, Brendan Mullen, who graduated from West Point and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has been endorsed by the Indiana State Democrat Central Committee.