Wythogan Park Train Bridge to Undergo Risk Management Inspection

City Attorney David Matsey mentioned during the recent meeting of the Knox City Council that he had received a claim from an attorney in Connecticut in regards to a drowning victim in the Yellow River. The claim will be handled and covered by the city’s insurance carrier, but Knox Mayor Rick Chambers told the council that he plans to set a date for a risk management inspector to inspect the train bridge over the Yellow River.

The park had recently undergone a risk assessment from the same company, and Chambers said he feels that something needs to be done about the bridge to prevent anyone else from getting hurt, or worse, drown.

Mayor Chambers announced that the inspector will look at the bridge and make a number of recommendations and suggestions on what can be done to best protect the city from any further problems with the bridge. Protecting the citizens of Knox, said Chambers, is the council’s ultimate goal.