Damage Forces Change in Student Pickup/Drop-off Locations at Knox Elementary

The Knox Community Elementary School is experiencing a change in its pickup and drop-off procedure for students.

“We had a structural problem in the doorway that has caused us to have to close that door for the time being and only use it for emergency exits if needed,” explained Superintendent A.J. Gappa. “Because of the problem at door #7, the pattern for drop-offs and walkers is going to change. Different door exits and entryways will have to be used for the parents who drop off kids and for the students that walk to school.”

Mr. Gappa elaborates on the structural issue.

“Remember this building is almost 60 years old – some of the concrete flooring crumbled somewhat so we don’t want to take any chances on having anybody get injured. We do have some experts and engineers coming to look at it this week so we can come up with a plan on how to at least fix it temporarily.”

Superintendent Gappa says this ties into the Palmer Wing facility study being conducted.

“I think this only backs up what the Board has been saying to the community that we do have some concerns at the Elementary School. The Board has a committee that has studied the problem, they have brought in community members to look at it, they have met with other experts in the field of bonding, financing, engineering and architecture to look and see what is the best solution for the problem. What this does, it points out that there really is a problem. The foundation is almost 60 years old and I think it just may makes us give a closer look as to the timelines as to what we need to do to fix the problem and what direction to go.”