Equipment Problems Plaque Pulaski County Recycling Transfer Station

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

More trouble has found its way to the Pulaski County Recycling Transfer Station. Recycling Center Director Ed Clark told the Pulaski County Commissioners that the transfer station’s blade has rusted out with an estimated replacement cost of $4,000. At the same time, cylinders from their equipment have begun leaking oil, and Clark says that these cylinders need repaired immediately. A company has been hired to fix the equipment, but they have received no estimate on the repair.

“They’re going to fix our machine and have it back this week. That’s why it’s kind of an emergency case more than anything else; we’ve got to keep the transfer station running,” said Clark.

Clark says that although no estimate has been received, he expects it to be cheaper than the $4,000 replacement cost. The station is currently running, but at a drastically reduced output rate—so bad, Clark says, the recycling center may have to reject some materials brought in.

The rusted blade has been in use for 11-12 years, and Commissioner Kenneth Boswell says that the center needs to work on maintaining their equipment and develop a preventative maintenance schedule.