Pulaski County Lincoln Day Dinner Held Last Night in Star City

Jackie Walorski, Mike Pence and Sam Frain

Pulaski County Republicans gathered for the Lincoln Day Dinner at the Star City Community Building last night and heard an address by Gubernatorial candidate, Congressman Mike Pence.

Pence offered a glowing picture for the Hoosier state when he said that he looked forward to “building on the progress Mitch Daniels has won for the people of Indiana.”

In an answer to a question of why he would leave a bright future in Washington D.C as a party favorite, Pence said, “Indiana for me has always been home and when the opportunity for my family and I to come home presented itself I considered it a privilege to return.”

Pence said that there were daunting problems facing the state, with a quarter of a million Hoosiers out of work. He said, “ I see jobs as my priority, and to see educational improvement a close second.”

He praised Governor Mitch Daniels for the job he has done in the face of a recession of epic proportions.

A strong Christian, who has said that faith and family mean everything to him, Pence said, “I hope to see stronger families emerging, too, with the right kind of leadership.”

Also in attendance was Second District Congressional candidate Jackie Walorski who carried a message of eliminating the national debt to the party faithful. She said that is the major problem facing the country today. Walorski lost a close race in 2010, but with a new Republican-friendly district, she is considered to be a prohibitive favorite in the primary and fall election.

Representatives of U.S. Senator Richard Lugar and State Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s opponents in the spring primary were on hand, as well as local candidates and and office holders.