Seats Available on WKVI’s Bus to Washington, D.C.!

Washington's Mount Vernon estate

There are a few vacancies on the WKVI tour bus that will head to Washington, D.C. in June.

“It’s the 14th-18th of June and you know we’ve got six seats available,” said Ed Hasnerl who will be leading the group on the trip. “We’ve had some folks who had to change their plans and they’ve canceled. Six seats have opened up. If you would like to go, let’s get those requests in.”

If you’d like to visit our nation’s capital without the hassle of driving, this is the trip for you. Ed tells us about some of the locations that will be visited.

“We’ll be visiting Washington, D.C., Gettysburg battlefield, Congress, Washington’s plantation, the Mount Vernon Plantation, Arlington National Cemetery, and we’ll see all the monuments. It’s a great trip!”

When you travel with Ed there’s always fun on the bus. He explains the process in which you can sign up for the trip.

“Send in your check if you think you want to go and then I’ll get you on the list. If we have filled up, I’ll let you know that too and we’ll hold your check until somebody else cancels.”

Call 772-6241 for more information on the June trip to Washington, D.C.