Winamac Man Arrested on an OVWI Charge

David Reid

A Winamac man was arrested Saturday on drunk driving charges after he showed signs of driving under the influence.

An officer from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department saw a suspicious vehicle and followed it for a while. The vehicle then turned into a driveway on Adams Street in Winamac but no one exited the vehicle. The officer watched the vehicle and it left two minutes later. The driver then approached the intersection of State Road 119 and Boyles Street and failed to come to a complete stop at the intersection. The officer conducted a traffic stop and after interviewing the driver, asked him to step out of the vehicle and began to conduct tests to see if the driver was impaired.

The driver, David Reid, reportedly told police that he knew he was intoxicated and told police to take him to the Pulaski County Jail because he knew he was over the legal limit. Police administered a Portable Breathalizer Test which allegedly proved he was over the limit. When police ran Reid’s criminal history, officers learned that he was convicted of an Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated charge in 2010.

Reid has a preliminary charge of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated-Prior and he was cited for disregarding a traffic control device and failure to signal intention to turn.