Winamac Town Board Receives Updates on Winamac Town Park and Home Demolition

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Winamac Park Department employees have been cleaning the park after the recent flooding event.

The Tippecanoe River runs through the Winamac Town Park and the water had risen to high levels in the past few months due to snow melt and rains. The back of the park had been closed to keep park patrons from entering the flooded area. The employees were also clearing the river of garbage and other debris from the park.

The Winamac Town Board discussed tearing down some structures in town for safety reasons. The Board is waiting for one homeowner to respond to a letter so a garage can be demolished on the property. The home on the same property was demolished some time ago and now the garage needs to be razed.

One other homeowner has agreed to the demolition of a dilapidated home.