Safety is Primary Concern for Highway Department

Steve Siddall
Starke County Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall came before the Starke County Commissioners on Monday to request permission to have the “boom truck” taken in for an inspection. Because the truck had not been inspected for five years, Siddall felt that before he sent any personnel up in the bucket he wanted it checked out. The approval was given, and the truck was delivered Wednesday.

Because of the price of $13,000 for the inspection, some taxpayers thought the price tag might be a little high, prompting Siddall to more thoroughly explain the procedure in seeing if the truck conforms to regulations governing safety.

“The biggest thing is its run by hydraulics, cables, and chains and they wear and we do not have the technology nor are we certified to state that this meets OSHA specs or safety specs of the State of Indiana,” Siddall said.

Siddall said the truck is “in the shop,” and explained what’s next in the $13,000 inspection.

“In the inspection is the replacement of lines, cables, and chains, but if there are worn pulleys or something of that nature it is extra or not included in the $13,000 inspection,” Siddall said.

Safety is the number one priority for Siddall.

“I’m not going to send anyone up in a 55 foot boom truck unless I feel comfortable that it is safe,” he said.