All Unopposed Candidates Will Appear on Starke County May Primary Ballot

A law passed by the Indiana General Assembly in 2011 was so unpopular that it was repealed in this session. The law that took effect July 1st of 2011 eliminated the names of candidates facing no opponents from the General Election ballots in 2011.

It caused so much confusion and anger on the part of candidates and voters that it was repealed. Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski was asked if the unopposed candidates will be on the ballot for the spring primary.

“We will put the unopposed on except for Precinct Committeemen and State Delegates,” said Skronski.

Skronski was one of the County Clerks who was not happy with the elimination of the unopposed candidates from the ballot.

“I think its great their putting them on. We had so many questions when the unopposed were not on for the municipals in 2011.”

We asked Skronski why the legislators eliminated the names in the first place.

“Less cost and less work for the Clerks. But that was not the fact. We had to explain to a lot of people why they weren’t there.”