Asbestos Removal Required Before Marsh Manor Destruction

Marsh Manor

The process of getting the old Marsh Manor on Main Street in Knox demolished is moving along. City Attorney David Matsey told the city council members recently whats next in the demolition process.

“We’re getting ready for the bidding process for the demolition of Marsh Manor. We’re putting together the bid specs.” Matsey said.

The home, that was turned into an apartment building, was built in a bygone time when asbestos was used for many things including insulation. Mayor Rick Chambers said that he has been in touch with a company that can come in and remove the asbestos before the demolition begins.

Asbestos was used primarily in 19th century buildings because it was resistant to fire, heat, and chemicals, but in the early 20th century it was noticed that workers in asbestos plants were getting sick– some even dying. Lung diseases, including cancer, have been attributed to asbestos inhalation.

After the removal of the asbestos the wrecking ball can be brought in to take the building down.