City of Knox to Sell Retired Stop Signs

Last month the City of Knox sold an old fire truck on eBay to a man in Michigan. Mayor Rick Chambers is back with another deal you just can’t pass up.

“All of the street signs have been replaced with new, high prismatic signs,” said Mayor Chambers. “All 256 signs are done. Jeff has sorted through and taken the ones that are just junk and has them in a pile and they’re going to haul them off for scrap. There are about 150-180 stop signs that are in pretty good shape and 30-40 yield signs. They’re too good to scrap and I think maybe we could just sell them for $10 apiece. Maybe I could check with the county or Hamlet or North Judson and see if they can use any of them.”

Call 772-3032 if you’d like to buy a stop sign.