Eastern Pulaski School Corporation Shows Pride in Kindergarten Program

The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation held their regular day-time meeting Monday, and Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman says one of the things they’re most proud of is the progress they’re making with their kindergarten program. Klitzman says that seven students are picked at random to showcase their reading skills to the board members by reading to them.

“We have full-day kindergarten, and we’re very proud of the progress that we make in our full-day kindergarten program. We’re not introducing reading, we’re teaching reading and the kids are reading. Each one goes and they sit on the board member’s lap or stand next to them and read the book to them– very personal, and very gratifying for board members to see the actual results of our programming,” said Klitzman.

According to Klitzman, the school wants to showcase the progress made in the program. He says the school is very proud of the progress they’re making in teaching reading to the kindergartners.

Klitzman also expressed his approval of a report given by teacher Barb Behnke, who recently attended a science symposium. Klitzman said Behnke had a student that related to the research she was doing, and says that it was a part of the advanced-placement biology class.

“Very, very interesting. Very sophisticated, and it’s a thrill to see our students that can do this kind of research work and their problem-solving abilities that really bubble to the top. That’s a credit to the school, to the teachers, to the parents,” said Klitzman.