ISTEP Testing Begins Today

It’s the test students have been preparing for. Director of Curriculum and Instruction at the Knox Community School Corporation, Peggy Shidaker, says the ISTEP test will be administered at the Knox Community Schools this week beginning today.

“ISTEP, the applied skills portion, begins Monday. The test window is March 5th-14th. We will be testing, like every other school corporation, students in grades three through eight for Language Arts and Math,” said Miss Shidaker.

She talks about the purpose of the ISTEP test.

“The ISTEP test is to measure a student’s ability to do both Math and Language Arts at their respective grade level. They’re based on Indiana academic standards at this point.”

The third grade students will be taking a special test later this month called IREAD. Miss Shidaker will discuss this test and its impact on third grade students in tomorrow’s news.