Knox City Council Discusses the Addition of Security Cameras

Knox City Hall
Knox City Hall

It might just be a sign of the times but more and more municipalities are installing surveillance cameras. Knox Mayor Rick Chambers brought the idea of installing cameras in City Hall to the City Council meeting recently. In his presentation, Chambers said there are irate customers from time to time at the Clerk-Treasurer’s office and the Knox City Court. The court has the potential for incidents to happen in the heat of testimony and decisions being made from the bench.

“I have attained a price for security cameras for City Hall. The most basic system they have will utilize four cameras. One would be in the courtroom, another near the Clerk-Treasurer’s office, one would be trained on the parking lot, and the fourth would be used for the recycling bins,” Chambers said.

The first location for a camera is the court room.

Chambers said the surveillance cameras really work.

‘”The camera we had for Starke County Environmental was maintenance-free, it just sat there and ran. As a police officer, I went out there and checked when anyone had an issue. I made several arrests off that camera. You could get a plate number, or recognize a person.”

The cost of the cameras would cost approximately $2,600. A decision will be made at a later date.