Medaryville Man Arrested on Drug Charges after Traffic Stop

Shane Born

A Medaryville man was arrested Saturday after a traffic stop.

The Pulaski County deputy saw the Shane Born leave a Medaryville gas station and followed his vehicle for a while. The officer noticed that Born’s actions were suspicious and it appeared that Born was trying to avoid him. He had driven into two different driveways as the officer was following him.  The officer initiated a traffic stop and when the officer approached the vehicle, Born reportedly told him that he didn’t have a license and he was an habitual traffic violator. When Born’s information was run through dispatch, the officer learned that he was an habitual traffic violator for life.

Born was handcuffed and searched before being placed in the squad car. While the officer searched through Born’s pants pockets, he found a metal container with three small plastic bags filled with an off-white powder. The contents later field tested positive for methamphetamine. During the inventory of the vehicle, several pieces of drug paraphernalia were found.

Shane Born was arrested on preliminary felony charges of Possession of Methamphetamine over three grams, Operating a Vehicle as an Habitual Traffic Violator for Life, and three misdemeanor counts of Possession of Paraphernalia.