SCILL Center to Offer Computer Classes

SCILL Center Director, Jerry Gurrado, says four computer classes will be offered this month.

“There’s a great need for it and we got the opportunity to put them together and we’re very excited,” said Gurrado.  “A lady by the name of Janet Stout is going to be the instructor.  She’s instructed for us before and she’s just absolutely fabulous.”

The classes being offered include Intro to Computers and the Internet on March 20th, Intro to Word on March 23rd, Powerpoint/Publisher on March 29th, and Microsoft Excel on March 30th.

The sessions cost $40.00 and are limited to six students.  Classes are 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CT.  Call 772-8001 to learn how to register.  The classes will be held in the new Starke County Development Foundation offices in the Christos strip mall at 1915 Heaton Street in Knox.