Today is Doctor’s Day!

This is Doctor’s Day – a day set aside to honor all doctors in the United States.

At IU Health Starke Hospital, there are 125 doctors on staff, providing care in 26 specialties.

Dr. Phillip Hassan is the President of the Medical Staff and is also an Emergency Room Doctor. We asked Dr. Hassan about the duties of the President of the Medical Staff.

“As President of the Medical Staff, I’m in charge of the governing body of all the doctors,” he explained. “I’m responsible for making sure that everyone does things properly. As the Chief Medical officer, I’m sort of the bridge between the administration and the medical staff. Rather than the administration wanting to go one way and the medical staff wanting to go the other way, my job is to make sure both sides see the light, and go in the same direction for the best results.”

Hassan talked about the new technologies offered at IU Health Starke Hospital.

“We offer a lot of new technologies here. Recently we’ve obtained the E-Cam. It’s an addition to our nuclear services and it’s designed specifically to fulfill cardiology requirements. As you know, we now have cardiologists every day at Starke,” Hassan said.

Tomorrow we’ll hear from Dr. Almuhammad Alfran, a Hospitalist at IU Health Starke Hospital.