West Central School Board Gets Technology Update

The West Central School Board discussed all of the technology upgrades that have been done throughout the Corporation. Superintendent Charles Mellon said the Board has focused on making these updates this school year.

“We have a wireless internet connection in all of our buildings and we’ve also increased bandwidth so we can handle about any type of capacity that the students would bring in as far as the different devices,” stated Mr. Mellon.

He explains the next step in the process.

“Our next step would be evaluating the one-to-one and kind of looking at different types of equipment and what equipment is best for different age groups. We can then look at where we want to begin this process. I don’t think there’s anything that’s consistent throughout the state. We’re just kind of in the study mode right now.”

The teachers have been getting used to all of the new equipment in the classrooms.

“They all of the projection monitors on the ceilings now and new screens in every room and the document cameras. We hope that the students are more engaged and those will pay some dividends as well.”