Winamac Town Board Agrees to Purchase Additional Airport Insurance

The Winamac Town Board approved a request to buy additional insurance for the airport.

Town Manager Jim Conner told the Town Board that he had received an email from Budd Insurance Agency about the Town’s purchase of liability insurance for Arens Field. It was suggested that the Town purchase a $5 million Public Officials Liability Insurance to cover the Town’s portion of the airport costs. The cost from now until September would be $450 and a renewal will cost $1,344 in September.

Richard Denney suggested that the Town surrender its airport responsibility to the county. He felt that the airport doesn’t do anything for the town. Board President, John Plowman, disagreed with Denney and discussions on that topic will be held at a future meeting.

The Board approved to purchase the additional policy. The town has invested in the airport for over 40 years.