Average Gas Prices Dip Slightly

The national average for gas prices is falling slightly, according to GasBuddy.com. At the beginning of April, the national average was around $3.90, but today it has dropped to $3.86. Indiana’s average is only a cent higher at $3.87.

The lowest gas prices currently reported in Indiana are in Martinsville, where regular gas can be found for $3.65. One of the highest prices is in Valparaiso, where regular gas can be found for $4.35 per gallon.

While gas prices may be dropping a bit now, it’s sure to be only a matter of time before they spike again. Remember, to save on fuel mileage, avoid high speeds, don’t accelerate or brake hard, keep those tires inflated, use your air-conditioning sparingly, and keep the windows closed. Be sure to keep your vehicle maintained, use your cruise control where you can, avoid heavy loads that increase weight on the vehicle, avoid long idles, and if you are purchasing a new vehicle, be sure to check the vehicle’s fuel economy.