Bass Lake Residents Request Pier Placement at Shewski Road

Starke County Commissioners: Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

Several Bass Lake residents got the answer they were seeking at the recent Starke County Commissioners meeting. The residents, who have placed a pier into the water at the end of Shewski Road in the past, petitioned the commissioners to allow them to do so again this year.

One of the sticking points was that the pier would be three feet over the access point in the lake. After several of the residents made points to the commissioners, a motion was made by Commissioner Jennifer Davis to allow the pier to be put in this year, and it will be studied and evaluated before the next season. That motion was approved unanimously as the room rang with applause.

Residents in attendance made clear that the pier has been in use for years with no problems with its placement in the lake. Bass Lake Fire Chief Les Jensen said the pier would not pose problems for fire trucks getting to the lake to pump water in case of a fire.

Access points are needed for fire and DNR emergencies where a boat would possibly need to bring an injured person to shore. There are nine roads that dead end at Bass Lake and 11 at Koontz Lake.

There are also no parking signs to prevent parking on the 14-foot Shewski Road and 40-foot easement.