Building Inspector Challenges Board of Review Hearing

The back and forth argument over the placement of a structure in rural Grovertown might come before the Starke County Board of Commissioners today. Betty and George Dotlich have fought the issuance of a permit to Julia Ford since it was reissued in January. At the last Commissioners meeting, the pair asked the Board of Review to examine the BZA ruling that would allow the unit to stay on it’s location.

The Board of Review is made up of the County Commissioners. That request to go before the Board of Review on this matter is being challenged by Building Inspector, Bruce Williams.

“They actually appealed the issuance of the permit before the BZA. The Zoning Administrator, which is me, issued that permit. Now the Board of Review, in which the commissioners are in charge of, is the building department, which is one of two separate entities. So therefore, I don’t believe the commissioners can hear this. It would have to go before the circuit court on appeal,” Williams said.

Williams claims the issuance of a permit is made by the planning and zoning department, not the building department.

The original permit was in error, but Williams reissued the permit in January as a single family dwelling. Williams backs up his issuance of a permit on state code.

“The state said they could keep the unit as long as it passed the 2005 Indiana Residential Code. I cannot find anything in our county ordinance that prohibits that unit.”

Williams contends the appeal of the BZA rejection of the request to revoke the permit by Betty and George Dotlich is in Circuit Court, not the Board of Review. That would have to be filed for a court date within 30 days of the BZA rejection of March 15th, Williams contends.