Community Forum on Health Scheduled for April 12th and 26th

A two part community forum will be held April 12th and 26th at the Bass Lake Property Owners Association building to discuss the health needs in Starke County. The two part series is sponsored by Health Link, Better Health for Indiana and the Purdue Center for Regional Development.

State Representative Nancy Dembowski is one of the people very interested in promoting these sessions.

“We all know that Starke County frequently ranks very low – the number is high but that means a low ranking in the state of Indiana – out of the 92 counties just for health factors alone,” stated Dembowski. “We rank 92nd. There are so many areas that we need improvement in.”

Dembowski said that she would specifically like to find out how the low health ranking affects the job force. She would also like to know what health habits children are getting from the schools.

We asked Dembowski to be specific about the program.

“This program puts us through the traditional assessment. But we’re hoping that the forum will be a little different. We had a core group of persons who explored the possibilities and sort of narrowed down what we want to talk about. Now we’ve invited a lot of community people, asking them to become involved, but we also want the general public, if they have an interest in this, to come as well.”

The first session is tomorrow night, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. CT and a free dinner will be served. You are invited to help tackle the health problems in Starke County.