Jason Allen of Knox Wins Movie Quote Trivia Drawing

Jason Allen, left, won a 32-inch TV by playing Movie Quote Trivia.

It was his first time playing Movie Quote Trivia, but that didn’t stop Jason Allen of Knox from guessing the movie, “Natural Born Killers,” and getting his name entered into the drawing for a 32-inch LCD television from Young’s TV and Appliance in Plymouth.

Allen says that this was his first time playing this contest, but he’s competed in various WKVI contests and drawings. That didn’t stop him from getting his hopes up, however, as he laid in bed with his phone in his hand.

“I actually knew about the contest, I knew it was at 9:40, so I was actually laying in bed watching the WKVI channel, and looking at my phone to see if it was gonna be me or not, and it rang. It was craziness,” said Allen.

Allen says he plans to put his new television in his bedroom and he looks forward to getting his name entered in the next WKVI contest drawing.