Starke County Commissioners Approves Repair to Boom Truck

Steve Siddall

The Starke County Commissioners gave Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall the go-ahead this week to have the boom truck repaired. At the March meeting, Siddall said the truck had been sidelined because of safety concerns and he asked to have it inspected. Siddall said that he was not willing to send an employee up in a 55-foot boom basket without first having it inspected and repaired. At this week’s board meeting, the needed repairs and cost estimate report was given to the commissioners who approved the request to have it brought up to safety standards.

The total cost is over $31,000 and Siddall said the work could be funded out of his truck repair line item. He did caution, though, that he would probably have to go to the council before the end of the year to make a transfer of funds into truck repair as this expense could deplete that line item.