Starke County Museum Reopens after Remodeling Project

Starke County Museum

The Starke County Museum on Main Street in Knox has reopened after some remodeling. Volunteers are on hand to welcome you from noon until 4:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. The volunteers include Ron Vindel, Peg Brettin, June Golding, Mary Ann Gappa, and Randi Beem. Starke County Historian Ed Hasnerl will be on hand too on Fridays.

“So your Starke County Historian will be in the museum every Friday from noon until 4:00 p.m,” said Ed Hasnerl. “Come in, I’ll give you a private tour, or we’ll try to find some information you’re looking for.”

When interviewed, Hasnerl said they are always looking for rare and unusual Starke County items.

“We’re always looking for Starke County related items. Just this week we reviewed about 15 donations that have been brought in the last couple of months. We have to make decisions, and sometimes we have to send something back. They may be old and wonderful, but if they don’t have a connection to Starke County we have to send them back as we have no room.”

We asked Hasnerl about items they are looking for.

“Photographs with identification, not necessarily old newspapers unless there’s a particularly interesting story that relates to Starke County. We just took in a girls baseball uniform. The lady is in her 90’s now. And we recently received the architectural plans for Starke Memorial Hospital.”