Turkey Tracks Event a Big Success

Bob Fossler and Gilbert Harrington

The three-day Turkey Tracks event was held this past weekend. As of Noon yesterday, the disabled hunters and guides had taken in 20 wild turkeys. The event was sponsored by the Eric Corey Foundation, and the 31 hunters enjoyed a weekend in the woods.

Activities occurred during the evening and in fundraising efforts, two specially-crafted Eric Corey plaques were auctioned for $4,600.00. A third plaque was presented to Carol and Doug Corey to be hung in Eric’s trophy room.

Doug Corey, Seth McIntyre, Carol Corey and Queen Taylor

Eric Corey passed away earlier this year of the ALS Disease, and one of his last wishes was that the hunt he established would go on forever.

“I knew that Eric was on my shoulder all weekend,” Carol Corey said yesterday afternoon. She and husband Doug wanted to thank everyone who took part from the guides, kitchen help, those who donated to help with lodging and licenses, and of course, the hunters.

Hunters display a turkey killed during the hunt

“I knew it was going to be hard this year without Eric, but everyone poured their hearts out to make this hunt a success,” said Doug.

He closed by repeating a phrase that Eric always used, “It’s not about the birds, it’s about the friends you make along the way,” and that could be proven by the over 300 people who turned out at the Washington Township Community Building to not only enjoy the fellowship, but to celebrate the memory of their friend, the late Eric Corey.