American Flags Will Soon Proudly Wave Over U.S. 35

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers says his efforts to get American flags flying along U.S. 35 are going well, but he’s not sure if he’ll be able to get them up by Memorial Day.

Chambers says the American Legion donated a $400 check on Friday to get the project started, and he has already contacted the local VFW, who has informed him they are willing to help and are looking into what they can do to assist the cause. The Tri-Kappa organization has also said they would like to help the effort.

The mayor has been working with Jim Shilling of the Starke County Historical Society in a search for old equipment, and he says they have been able to find enough flag poles to line U.S. 35 – leaving them with just the brackets and flags to take care of. Chambers says that although he may not have the flags up by Memorial Day, they will be waving proudly by the Fourth of July.

Chambers encourages anyone interested in assisting the project to contact him at (574) 772-4553.

This will be the first time since U.S. 35 became four-lanes that the highway will be lined with flags. Chambers says he would love to do this every year, and the brackets will serve a double-purpose: they will also be able to support the candy cane decorations for Christmas.