Club for Growth Opposes Senator Richard Lugar

Senator Lugar

If Senator Richard Lugar should lose the Republican Primary race to Richard Mourdock in next week’s primary election, as some recent polls indicate may happen, much of the credit will go to a Culver man who has been instrumental in the race.

Chris Chocola, of Culver, is Director of the “Club For Growth,” a conservative organization which endorsed Mourdock and has pumped millions of dollars into the challenger’s campaign.

Chocola explained about why his organization is working to defeat Lugar.

“Senator Lugar is a good man, there’s no question about that, but at this time, he’s not necessarily a good Senator,” commented Chocola. “He’s voted for bigger government, he’s voted for bailouts every chance he had and just recently, he voted not to put in place a permanent ban on earmarks in the Senate. He’s really become part of the problem in his 35 years in Washington. It is time for a change and we think Richard Mourdock would be a good change.”

Chocola was asked if the Club for Growth would have supported anyone against Lugar.

“We only get involved in races when we think there’s a better alternative. We think that Richard Mourdock is clearly a better alternative. He is the conservative choice in this race.”