Dick Pettinato Passes Away At Age Of 83

Dick Pettinato

His family, his church, his community – those were areas of importance to Dick Pettinato. Pettinato passed away last week at the age of 83 and a funeral mass will be held today at 10 a.m. at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.

WKVI’s Ted Hayes remembered Pettinato’s association with Sears in a Ted Hayes Remembers program last year. Sears-Roebuck opened its doors in Knox in the mid ’40s and closed Dec. 31, 1981.

“I went to work August 31 in 1959,” said Pettinato. “I got my baptism in retail at Weinbergs. I went from Weinbergs to Sears.”

Pettinato ran a Sears catalog store also for many years.

“I was selling to four generations before it was all over. I was always identified with Sears-Roebuck,” said Pettinato.

Pettinato said Sears was a great place to work.

“To work for Sears in those days was considered to be one of the best jobs in town,” Dick said.

Whether it was six-man football, a Knights of Columbus parade, or a “white sale” at Sears, Dick Pettinato was always an enthusiastic participant. He will be missed in his community.