Dry Spring Conditions Lead to Fire Incidents

With the exception of some rain yesterday, it has been a dry spring and Dave Pearman, Assistant Fire Chief with the Washington Township Fire Department, says the firefighters have been called to several fires this season due to the dry conditions.

“We’ve seen a lot more property damage and really what it boils down to is that people are going out and they might be having a small fire and they leave it unattended,” explained Pearman. “They tend to not have any tools such as a rake, shovel and a hose available and really what we’ve seen with 90 percent of those fires is had they attended the fire, had they had tools and water present that they probably could have controlled those fires.”

There is a burn ordinance effective in Starke County and EMA Director Ted Bombagetti can address issues regarding that ordinance.

“We do have rules that have to be followed and things like that so if you have any questions, feel free to contact your local fire department or feel free to contact Ted Bombagetti directly and he can explain further what we require for burning,” said Pearman.

Pearman has these tips.

“If you are going to burn thing like yard refuse and things like that and things that are allowable to burn, either make sure that they’re burned in a rated container, make sure you have water and tools available and that these fires are attended,” said Pearman. “Even campfires need to be attended and then completely put out once they’re not being used.”