Eastern Pulaski Schools Approve Several Retirements

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

The Eastern Pulaski School Board members approved several retirements during their meeting this week. Elementary teacher, Brenda Roberts, will be retiring at the end of the school year after 37 years in the education field and Middle School Secretary, Dorothy Malchow, is retiring after 27 years at the corporation. Superintendent Dr. Klitzman also announced the retirement of the Middle School Principal.

“Mr. Stan Good, after 25 years in education – all at Eastern Pulaski Schools – and as our Middle School Principal for 18 years, is retiring,” said Klitzman. “He is going to stay in the education arena, but in a private sector helping different areas through a corporation that seems to find its niche on those students that are not functioning as well as they should in the traditional setting of a school. It’s more of an alternative selection.”

The Board also approved the retirement of one of the longest working employees at Eastern Pulaski Schools.

“After 58 years, Carl Williams, bus driver, is retiring. Carl Williams has been driving bus before Eastern Pulaski became a school corporation,” said Klitzman. “Carl is 84 years old and he is squeezing every bit of life out of the years he has. He has been on time and just a great employee. We wish all of them the very, very best.”