Hoosier Lottery to Seek Private-Sector Vendor

Four years after Governor Mitch Daniels tried to privatize the Hoosier Lottery, the agency is seeking proposals from private-sector firms. The Indiana State Lottery Commission announced yesterday that they are seeking proposals from private firms in hopes of improving the agency’s net income.

Hoosier Lottery Spokesman Al Larson says this is not privatization. He says the Hoosier Lottery is still a state agency and will continue to be owned and directed by the state – they are simply seeking a potential vendor that believes they can help improve performance with operational expertise. He adds the Hoosier Lottery already has vendor relationships in place and that this is nothing new to the Hoosier Lottery or the lottery industry in general.

Governor Daniels attempted to privatize the state’s lottery in 2008, but dropped the idea after the Department of Justice said doing so would be in violation of federal law.

Larson says they’re just looking to increase income.

”We’re simply seeking some potential assistance from firms in the private sector that believe they can help us increase our net income. That’s our statutory obligation from the state. And we believe there may be some potential there if we find the right firm,” Larson said.