John Glenn Student Attends Twelve Years With Perfect Attendance

Rafael Castro

For 12 years, John Glenn student Rafael Castro has been getting up every school morning and making his way to school – every day. In fact, he has not missed a day of school since he began attending kindergarten at St. Patrick’s School in the fall of 1999, although he admits it was his mom’s goal first.

It wasn’t until he got to high school that he made it a goal of his own, when he determined that he could accomplish it. When asked if he came to school sick at any time he agreed he had, but never to the point of not feeling well enough to do his work or participate. He believes attendance is important and feels fortunate to have good health. Rafael is hopeful that future employers will take note of his attendance record, and that it will give him an edge in landing a job someday.

He will be recognized at a school-wide award ceremony today in front of the entire student body.