Knox Mayor Wants Flags to Fly For Memorial Day

With Memorial Day a little more than three weeks away, Mayor Rick Chambers is trying to get flags up on U.S. 35 to show the city’s patriotism. Chambers says a large number of items are required to mount the flags.

“We need brackets, poles, flags, stainless steel bands– everything to get flags up on 35. There are 35 light poles on the highway with lights on them in the city limits,” said Chambers.

With a total price tag of $2773, Chambers says he’s working with a number of people and organizations to get the funding taken care of.

“I’m working with the VFW, Legion, Tri-Kappa, Jim Shilling, and others to get the funding. I met with Bob Sims of the VFW yesterday. He’s working with me. Jim Shilling had some brackets and poles out there when it was just two lanes, so we hope to get it done,” said Chambers.

If you would like to help with funding, please contact Chambers at 772-4553.