Lift Station “Could Fail Tomorrow,” Says Chambers

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers reminded the city council members that the lift station at Clabaugh Drive and U.S. 35 is going to have to be replaced in the near future. That information came out of a report by Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons.

“I had her get some figures. We need to know how much growth is expected south of that point. A new lift station would cost $188,000,” Chambers said.

Chambers explained that there are no grants available for the project, but they are still looking for funding sources.

“There are no grants that small for something like that,” said Chambers. “We’ve got our eyes and ears open, and we’ll keep looking. Of course, this thing could fail tomorrow.”

Clerk Treasurer Jeff Houston explained that an appropriation could be made to fund the replacement.

“We could do an appropriation out of the sewer improvement fund. We have the cash, we just don’t have the appropriation,” Houston said.

The lift station isn’t the only item that needs replaced, as the water department is in need of a number of items as well.

“It’s the same way with the water department. They need some pumps and fire hydrants. Kelly will keep us appraised,” Chambers said.