NAG Report Issued This Week

The National Agriculture Statistical Report was issued this week, publishing the crop report for the week ending April 29.

Gene Matzat is the Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator for La Porte County, and he said yesterday that we are on a record planting pace in Indiana.

“As of Sunday, 70 percent of the corn and 28 percent of the soybeans have been planted. Twenty-four percent of the corn crop is already emerged,” Matzat said.

The planting season was accelerated by temperatures and soil conditions in March.

The previous early planting rate was established in 2010. Last year, because of the wet planting season, farmers were behind schedule.

Matzat explained that some farmers may have planted too early, and crop damage is not out of the question.

“I have heard that some of the early planted corn in some of the low areas might be destroyed already. Some of the farmers might have jumped the gun a little bit,” Matzat said.

One worry farmers have is that the early date for planting corn that is insured is April 5. Farmers who have destroyed planted corn that was put into the ground before that date may have a hard time collecting insurance on it. Matzat said corn is protected from cold temperatures better than soybeans because its growing point is lower in the ground. Soybean growing points are at the top.