Starke County Workman Compensation Insurance To Increase

Starke County Commissioners: Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

The Starke County Commissioners have been informed that the Workman Compensation Insurance for the county is increasing from $103,000 a year to $137,000. Ideas to keep the cost to employees the same or lower were discussed at this week’s board meeting.

Suggestions included forming a Safety Committee, setting up a procedure whereby workers would be required to return early to do light work, and establishing a fund to pay claims of less than $100.

So far this year there have been 19 workman compensation claims, nine of which were from the highway department.

According to Commission President Kathy Norem, the county’s agent Bridget Markin has been notified and is seeking bids from other companies and investigating the current carriers willingness to set up a plan with procedures that would reduce or maintain the cost.