Center Township Alumni Gather To Reminisce About Center School

Before they were “Redskins,” they were “Blue Streaks.” That was the what the Center Township sports teams were called before the school burned to the ground in 1942. After the fire, the students from Center Township came into Knox.

Legend has it that the blue in the uniforms of Knox sports teams is in honor of the Center Township School – after all, one of the most famous of all Knox High School graduates, Harold Weinberg, attended the school until it burned.

On Sunday, several of the students who attended the school gathered at the Community Services building to enjoy a meal, look at pictures, and reminisce about their school days at Center.

Ed Jordan traveled the furthest to attend, coming from Arkansas, and Gladys Moroni was the oldest former student in attendance, having graduated in 1936.

During the business portion of the meeting, the inevitable happened. There was a motion to discontinue the event as the crowd was dwindling. The motion passed, and the attendees filed out. Their gait was a little slower than during the halcyon days when they studied the three “R’s” at Center, but the memory of their old school was just as bright as it was in their minds’ eyes in that bygone era.